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contact centre comms system

cloud managed wi-fi

Cloud management makes it easy to deploy, scale, and manage Wi-Fi networks from anywhere. Explore SenSys Wi-Fi today.

Web meeting

ekahau analysis & design

Our Wi-Fi team are Ekahua certified to perform intelligent and accurate Wi-Fi design for your premises. Discover more about our services.

voice and broadband

sensys wi-fi solutions

Enable your workforce and delight customers with a superior Wi-Fi experience. Find out more about what SenSys has to offer.

wifi tips

wi-fi support & maintenance

We partner with businesses to support and maintain their systems. Find out how to get the best from your Wi-Fi.

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Our teams engage with a wide variety of clients and projects.

Unit 5, Teach Bui,
Main Street, Enfield
Co Meath

+353 1 800 815 683

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