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At SenSys we design, install and maintain Wi-Fi networks that will provide your organisation with high capacity, high performance and reliable bandwidth.
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Whatever your Wi-Fi Needs, SenSys is here to help

SenSys Wi-Fi design, install and maintain Wi-Fi networks

We can provide your organisation with high capacity, high performance, and reliable bandwidth. You may have thousands of students hit your Enterprise Wi-Fi system at the same time. You may have guests at an event or staying at your establishment all of whom require high bandwidth and reliability or you may need a secure and reliable wireless network for your organisation to run mobile and efficiently. Whatever your requirement the SenSys team are experts in the implementation of Wi-Fi networks and are here to help.

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business wi-fi tips

Tip 01 | Professional design
  1. Professional design

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Professional design is recommended for professional environments, for example:

– premises with public spaces such as hotels, stadia, colleges, libraries, and shopping centres

– pharmaceutical, manufacturing plants and business campuses would ideally have a Wi-Fi network professionally designed, installed at build/kit out stage, or after renovations.

Avoid issues and frustrations by planning ahead and maintaining the system regularly.

Plan, validate, troubleshoot & monitoring with SenSys Technology by focussing on the following:

    • Predictive wireless access point Wi-Fi designs
    • Pre-deployment site surveys
    • Installation and Configuration
    • Post deployment site surveys
    • Signal strength analysis – for redundancy and roaming purposes
    • Signal to noise ration analysis for quality and data rates
    • Spectrum measurements for interference issues
    • Channel quality analysis
    • Connectivity analysis – monitor roaming behaviour
    • Packet analysis
    • Periodic check-ups and preventative maintenance with SenSys CARE and Monitoring


Tip 02 | Tailor to your needs

Specific needs

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Purpose – Is your premises used for manufacturing, hospitality, retail or office? Each will have it’s own criteria and goals to be addressed in design and placement of wireless access point solutions.

Goals will be related to:

  • Coverage – infrastructure placement and configuration
  • Capacity planning – to serve devices (such as laptops, phones, tablets). Understanding the needs of your team and guests
  • Quality – dependant on the construction of premises
  • Density planning for the placement of access points
  • Load validation & troubleshooting
  • Positive experience – particularly important for hospitality sector
  • Cope with large numbers and usages – venues & stadia.
  • Security – importance of firewalls
  • Ease of maintenance – we recommend cloud managed systems
Tip 03 | Prioritise efficiency
  1. Prioritise efficiency

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Prioritise high-efficiency Wi-Fi by paying particular attention to the following:

Load: Although it seems as all 30 clients are connecting to the access point at the one time, they are not. One-person gets served at a time. So, the quicker that the first client talks (communicates with the access point) the quicker the next client can join. It’s an enormously fast process where clients and access points take turns. That’s why the higher the data rate is, the quicker the clients can do their business.
High data rates: To enter the network, we need to authenticate and associate. Ideally, access points will be located in positions close to the clients.

High Data Rate is Vital

  • How long it takes a device to send its transmission, depends mostly on data rate.
  • The higher the data rate of all the devices, the more everyone can transmit per second.
  • Data rate depends on signal strength / SNR
  • You need a good signal to noise ratio to achieve good data rates.
  • Noise (network), Channel interference and Low client capabilities all contribute to low data rates.
Tip 04 | Channel overlap
  1. Reduce channel overlap

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Reduce Channel Overlap by strategic access point AP placement:

How does the placement of access points in general effect the performance?

The enemy of Wi-Fi is not microwave ovens or Bluetooth. It is your own Wi-Fi. Access points conflicting with each other by being placed too close together – having AP’s hearing another AP causing co-channel interference which the worse enemy of Wi-Fi.

Whenever possible take the AP’s out of hallways and place them in the rooms or offices, we appreciate this isn’t always possible but whenever possible this is best practice. So, adding access points isn’t always better and if you do not have free channels in fact adding access points will reduce the throughput of your network.

Tip 05 | Avoid interference
  1. Avoid interference

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The team at SenSys Wi-Fi use Ekahau analysis to detect interference in order to combat against the interference. Interfere with Wi-Fi can be caused by:

    • Bluetooth
    • Radio
    • Cordless Phones
    • Wireless Cameras
    • GSM Networks
    • Microwave Ovens

There are tools that SenSys Technology use to fix interference

    • Many access points have a spectrum analyser built in.
    • Ekahau sidekick site survey tool
    • Wi-Fi analysis should be carried out by a SenSys Wi-Fi architect and we will be happy to help.
Tip 06 | Cloud management

Cloud management

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Install cloud managed access points.

Cloud management makes it easy to deploy, scale and manage wi-fi networks from anywhere in the world. Hardware requirements are reduced. There’s no longer a need for an onsite wi-fi controller to manage your network. This allows us to configure and monitor Wi-Fi networks from a web browser in real time.

Some of the benefits include simplified network management:

  • Cost effective as this also includes subscription-based models.
  • Scalability – thousands of access points can be deployed and managed from the cloud.
  • Automatic updates – real time alerts in the event of a network failure.
  • Experience – Cloud managed Wi-Fi also allows integrations with many tools to improve the customer experience including customised splash pages and integrations with Facebook for wi-fi check ins.
  • Cloud managed Wi-Fi allows you to collect secure payments through PayPal. It allows you to generate unique Wi-Fi vouchers in real time.
  • Integration – connect third party captive portals or advertising platforms including hotel property management systems
  • Cloud managed Wi-Fi has high levels of reliability and security. Built in fire walls prevent users on the public network from seeing each other on your wired local networks. This includes two factor authentication and audit logging.
  • Cloud managed Wi-Fi is traditionally extremely reliable and is backed by services such as amazon webservices with up time of over 99.9%.
  • Cloud managed Wi-Fi can bring reliability, scalability, and customer satisfaction to your business.
Tip 07 | Use blueprints

Use the best blueprints

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Blueprint Quality has a direct correlation with Wi-Fi design efficiency:

If you can provide CAD quality drawings to use with our professional Wi-Fi design tools and software, it will increase design accuracy while reducing cost. All design hours are valuable and if it saves the Wi-Fi architect time ‘drawings walls and scaling buildings in software’ it will make design time much more efficient with the result of a more accurate design.

Tip 08 | Seek expert advice

Seek expert advice


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Speak to the Wi-Fi and Network Experts at SenSys Wi-Fi about designing, upgrading or maintaining the right system for your requirements.

speed and reliability

SenSys Wi-Fi has experience with customers such as hotels, restaurants and stadiums which would have a high influx of people logging onto their Wi-Fi at the one time. They all want consistent speed and consistent reliability.



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Why SenSys Tech for your Business Wi-Fi?

We’ve taken the most important features of voice and broadband and wrapped them up in a package for your business! SenSys design a Wi-Fi map to pre-determine the best positioning for your access points. Clients can access additional intelligent features such as email capture for marketing databases, or other user trends of repeat customers to your venue.

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Bandwidth + coverage

Interference and wireless network audit available from SenSys Wi-Fi

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Competitive packages

Save costs with competitive Wi-Fi packages

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Network and spectrum managers. Deliver equal access to RF with airtime fairness

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Wi-Fi support and maintenance with SenSys Care

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