Cisco Meraki Wi-Fi Network for Rationel Windows

SenSys have fully delivered 100% Wi-FI coverage with Cisco Meraki Wi-Fi network ensuring Rationel Windows to put their growth plans into effect





Rationel Windows & Doors

For over 30 years, Rationel Windows & Doors has been one of the leading window manufacturers in Ireland. With a tradition that started 60 years ago in Denmark, Rationel has constantly improved techniques and methods, so that we have both the product and expertise to meet today’s demanding standards for windows and doors. Design, quality, performance, energy efficiency and security are just some of the considerations needed when choosing your windows, all of which are to the fore in the Rationel range of products.



the goal

Rationel Windows & Doors always strive for perfection as one of the leading Window manufacturers. To ensure future growth, and to streamline internal processes, Rationel Windows are implementing a new ERP solution.

The ERP Solution SAP is a cloud-based solution, where each operative will have handheld scanners for stock-checking, order process and manufacturing.

The solution will provide Rationel Windows full visibility, and the ability to track the full order from start to finish, which will improve the customer experience and enable business growth.

Such an ERP solution requires excellent Wi-FI to operate, we were chosen due to our excellent Cisco Meraki and networking experience to take on the project.




The Rationel site in Edenderry houses two warehouses, we (SenSys) installed in total between the two warehouses eight Cisco Meraki Cloud-managed MR70 Wi-Fi access points. Each of these Cisco Meraki Access points was cabled back via CAT5e to a Cisco Meraki network switch. This allows SenSys to fully manage the Wi-Fi network and be able to troubleshoot remotely.

For example, with a Cisco Meraki Network switch and Access point, we can ping the device remotely, and also run a cable test. This allows us to provide the optimum solution and to fault find within seconds to ensure the Wi-Fi is available 24/7.

We also provided a link between the two sites via a Point to Point link, with all cables going back to the Main comms room. In the second warehouse, we then provided a breakout switch and connected three 1080P HD cameras, whilst future proofing the CCTV by upgrading the DVR from Analogue to IP.

SenSys have fully delivered in meeting the customer’s requirements of  100% Wi-FI coverage, ensuring that SAP will allow Rationel Windows to put their growth plans into effect, resulting in a very happy customer!

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