Hotel Wi-fi for Station House Letterkenny

The SenSys team provided us with a fast, reliable hotel WiFi system that now provides our guests with reliable fast internet access anywhere in the hotel.





Station House Letterkenny

The Station House Hotel is a three star hotel located in the town centre of Letterkenny and offers excellent quality accommodation to suit both leisure and business guests.

Case Study: Station House Hotel, Letterkenny

the goal

Previously The Station House Hotel’s wireless internet was provided by a mixture of different access points such as Linksys and Zyxel which were scattered throughout the hotel. Each of the access points had a different SSID or name which meant every time a guest was in a different part of the building they would have to manually connect to the access point.

Some of the other issues with the existing system include:

  • Unable to connect to certain access points.
  • Unacceptable levels of interference with too many AP’s set to the same channel.
  • The router DHCP server running out of IP addresses.
  • Not having an acceptable Wifi signal in the end rooms of each floor.
  • Not being able to roam between access points when moving around the building.
  • No splash page or option for social media integration.
  • No visibility of the clients connecting to the wireless network.

The managing director of the Station House Hotel contacted SenSys for some advice on how he could upgrade his existing system. Some of the requirements for the hotel were:

  • Coverage throughout the hotel, including the conference and wedding reception areas.
  • One SSID or name throughout the hotel; this means guests will only have to connect to one name as opposed to multiple names on the old setup.
  • The option for a splash page and social media integration with Facebook.
  • To have some visibility on who was connected to their Wifi.
  • To isolate guests from the hotel’s local area network.




SenSys decided that the Meraki end to end Wifi solution would be the perfect choice for The Station House Hotel and would meet all of the requirements. The Meraki solution was configured with a single guest SSID for use in all areas of the hotel, this SSID was setup with Meraki’s LAN isolation feature which prevents guest users from accessing the local network and also prevents guests from accessing each other. With the guest setup, the Meraki built in DHCP server was used for assigning IP addresses to guests; this meant the router no longer had to perform this job and meant there would no longer be any issues with IP addresses running out. Using Meraki’s custom splash page feature, guests would be greeted by a landing page with the hotel’s logo and a greeting message and additional details such as the number for reception or the breakfast hours.

The Station House Hotel also have the ability to use the Meraki Facebook integration, encouraging guests to like and share the Station House Hotel Facebook page with their friends and family in return for complimentary super-fast WiFi throughout their stay at the hotel. This means free on-going social media marketing for the hotel with an increased social media followership and direct marketing opportunities.

As the Meraki system is cloud managed, it means the site can be accessed from a web browser which means issues can be fixed in minutes and reduces the number of times site visits are needed to fix issues. The Meraki dashboard also sends alerts if an access point goes down which means troubleshooting can be done before a guest reports an issue.

SenSys have also integrated our pro-active SenSys Care network monitoring software and probes which pro-actively monitors the health of the network and WiFi solution around the clock, allowing SenSys to provide pro-active remote technical assistance and maintenance should it be required.


The SenSys team provided us with a fast, reliable WiFi system that now provides our guests with reliable fast internet access anywhere in the hotel. I have peace of mind knowing that my cloud managed WiFi system is supported around the clock by professional wireless engineers and SenSys Care – Brian, Station House Hotel

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