Wi-Fi Network & Cabling for St Columban’s, Navan

SenSys Wi-Fi network designed & installed including cabling, termination & mounting the switches in a secure wall cabinet & configuration in an old building.




St Columbans - Dalgan Park, Navan
columban missionaries

sensys wi-fi network for columban missionaries

The Columbian Missionaries
Maynooth Mission to China was established on 29 June 1918 by two Irish priests Fr Edward Galvin and Fr John Blowick for missionary work in China. Originally based in Co. Mayo, a move was made to Co. Meath.

Dalgan Park is located on lands once ruled by the kings of nearby Tara. The Slighe Midluachra, one of the Five Royal Roads from Tara, ran northwards though it. In 550 it reverted to local chieftains and a church was built there.
Dowdstown House, Navan was bought in 1926 with a new college being built in 1938. It was renamed Dalgan House.

Dalgan houses the administration of the Columban Missionaries in Ireland, a missionary centre and exhibition, the ‘Far East’ magazine and a retirement home for its members. Dowdstown House is still in use as a Retreat Centre, run by the diocese of Meath.

Discover more of the history of Dalgan Park here – https://columbans.ie/dalgan/

the goal

Challenges faced:

Very large and very old building. The building is approx 2,855sqm with primary use as accommodation, offices and services.

We were invited to quote on the Wi-Fi project for the bedroom block. Dalgan House is an old building with thick concrete walls. Attempts had been made at a number of solutions to install decent Wi-Fi but with unsatisfactory outcomes such as:

– lack of coverage

– intermittent speed and

– unreliability.





SenSys Technology was chosen for our networking expertise:

  • Cabling
  • Fiber optic cabling expertise
  • Cat 6 cable network
  • Enterprise Wi-Fi devices
  • Channel managed access points
  • No on-premise equipment (onsite)
  • Reliable connection for consistent speeds
  • Sensys worked with Dalgan Park existing mechanical engineer in terms of cabling
  • Fully designed and implemented the solution from start to finish

Wi-Fi Access Points
Our technicians applied Wi-Fi testing kit to identify where best to locate the access points

The Wi-Fi access points installed by SenSys create the optimum connection – consistent across all the users at all times

By conducting a site audit (including and electrical survey) SenSys designed and manage the system. We were able to provide 100% coverage.

Added features of SenSys Wi-Fi is being able to block certain websites, Wi-Fi bandwidth management which is shared and data management. Creating two private networks, one for staff and one residents.

Fibre Cabling & Comms Cabinet
As part of the project, SenSys technicians networked the main comms room and 2 new comms cabinet sub locations using fibre optic infrastructure. We installed multimode fibre optic cable and spliced (terminated) into a fibre optic managed splicing panel in all 3 locations. We chose to install fibre optic cable in this instance instead of Cat 6 cable due to the distance being above 90 metres and providing a super high capacity and fast network link. In each sub comms cabinet we installed a managed Gigabit network switch with POE (Power over ethernet). From these comms locations we wired cat 6 to 16 access points on the first floor and 15 access points on the second floor. Our technicians professionally installed and tested each access point prior to deployments for complete coverage within Dalgan Park.

The network cabling was structured through the risers to the access points into the ceiling allowing for hidden cables and very neat installation work.

The network is fully managed by SenSys support and our network monitoring tools.

SenSys designed and installed all of the cabling and all the termination, including mounting all the switches in a secure wall cabinet and carried out configuration.

Dalgan park has received excellent Wi-Fi coverage and are very happy with the quality of the Wi-Fi coverage and it’s relability.

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