Enterprise Graded Wi-Fi Network For The Central Hotel

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The Central Hotel Dublin

The Central Hotel is a bustling 70 bedroom hotel located in the heart of the Creative Quarter of Dublin City. The Central Hotel is 130 years old.

Central Hotel, Exchequer Street, Dublin, Ireland

Front of Central Hotel Dublin - with enterprise graded hotel guest wifi

Central Hotel


the goal

The Central is a very busy hotel in the heart of Dublin, with a need for superfast reliable Wi-Fi and 100% coverage throughout the Hotel.  The Management team of the hotel took the initiative to address issues following numerous complaints regarding the lack of Wi-Fi coverage, slow speeds and the existing Wi-Fi network could not deal with the number of guests/visitors in the Hotel. This resulted in multiple users being dropped off the network halfway through sending an important business email or when trying to relax and stream a film.

There were numerous complaints.  As a consequence of SenSys Technology providing our recommendations on how to improve the Wi-FI Network, we were selected amongst numerous Wi-FI providers to survey the Hotel.

Following a survey by we confirmed that the existing Wi-Fi Cisco Aironet and 3com access points were of the older generation and also limited to 100Mbps best-case scenario. The Access points were not dual-band 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz and consequently did not support reliable connectivity for the latest tablets, laptops, and smartphones.

The pre-existing WiFi access points were also not channel managed thus contributing to poor WiFi experience – slow speed and unreliability.

The existing Wi-FI solution was unsecured and unsuitable for compliance with the 2018 GDPR secure Wi-Fi ruling.

Incompatible & Outdated:
Existing access points were from different providers – Cisco and 3Com and were causing interference with each other. The access points used outdated technology. Channel management using 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz will prevent interference and provide a professional Wi-FI solution for the hotel.

It was important to address the Wi-FI, as Wi-Fi in this day and age has become more of a utility like gas/electricity. With the location of the Hotel, there is so much choice, and according to Trip advisor, good Wi-Fi is one of the most common searches when choosing a Hotel.




Armed with the results of our site survey, our technical experts set about designing an enterprise-grade managed WiFi solution tailored specifically to The Central Hotel’s building’s needs – being mindful of their plans for renovation.

The solution included these benefits for the hotel moving to a SenSys Cloud Managed Network with our Service Level Agreement:

  • Fully scalable, reliable and fast WiFi network with guaranteed rock solid performance.
  • The WiFi access points and network switches will be Hotel Enterprise Graded.
  • The WiFi network is fully channel managed and professionally designed to ensure all guests and staff experience the best wireless internet connectivity possible.
  • Our professional WiFi and Network technicians will provide pro-active on-going maintenance and support 24/7/365 remote support and an on-site support SLA agreement.
  • No costly on-site WiFi controller to purchase, maintain and replenish at EOL. The Cloud controller has 99.999% uptime.
  • All software updates, firmware upgrades, repairs and preventative maintenance will be supplied by SenSys Technology. No more WiFi headaches!
  • Guests SSID ‘Central Hotel Guest WiFi’ presenting the ‘Welcome Splash Page’ to the WiFi user. This will bring the guest to the hotel landing page to submit their email address to register. This will give the Central Hotel insight on their customers and will be able to send targeted marketing campaigns to your guests. The solution is secure for GDPR and will provide a reliable solution for hotel guests.
  • Facebook and basic splash pages included as standard, to increase social media followership.
  • Our SenSys cloud-managed WiFi has been proven in many other hotels and business throughout Ireland
  • Three Year, advanced replacement warranty on access points.
  • At the time of the renovation, the Access Points can be taken down and reinstalled when the hotel reopens.

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