Vienna Woods Hotel & Villas cloud managed Wi-Fi

Cork's Vienna Woods Hotel has worked with SenSys since 2015 to keep their cloud managed Wi-Fi system modern, sleek and up to date.





Vienna Woods Hotel & Villas

The Fitzgerald’s Vienna Woods hotel, located in Cork, is a luxurious 18th century country house which offers 48 traditionally styled guest rooms and 8 holiday homes. The hotel’s director Michael Magner contacted SenSys technology in May of 2016 looking to upgrade his current hotel WIFI system to a more reliable, high speed solution and to add WIFI to the 8 holiday homes which previously had no WIFI access.

the goal

Having spoken to Michael about his requirements we visited the hotel to see first-hand the issues he was having and to make recommendations on a solution that would fit his needs for the Vienna Woods. Some of the issues his guests had been experiencing were:

  • Frequent disconnections from the WIFI
  • Poor WIFI coverage in certain areas of the hotel
  • Cumbersome captive portal page which required lengthy guest registration to access the WIFI

After investigation of the existing WIFI infrastructure, some of the issues found by the SenSys team included:

  • Different models of access points being used together leading to a system lacking continuity
  • Multiple SSID’s meaning guests could not roam between areas and having to reconnect to the WiFi system each time
  • Poor WIFI setup including massive interference between access points on the wrong channels – no professional channel management
  • Poor network cable terminations




A total of 28 WIFI access points were installed throughout the hotel and this included adding additional access points to the function room, restaurant area, bar area and the 8 guest holiday homes.

The 8 self-catering villas did not currently have WIFI access and cabling to each one would have been a huge undertaking so we proposed using a high-speed wireless point to point link after confirming line of sight was available. The first high speed link was installed on the roof of the hotel and this was linked to the first of the holiday homes. The second link was installed again on the first holiday home and each of the 7 other holiday homes was fitted with a wireless unit.

With the network and Wi-Fi infrastructure in place there was just one final piece of the puzzle. The broadband speed at the hotel wasn’t quite up the standard of the new WIFI system so improving and increasing the speed was vital. Unfortunately, this was not going to be possible through the use of fixed line broadband so SenSys Technology contacted and worked with a local ISP (Internet service provider). The local wireless ISP was able to provide a 50Mbit uncontended broadband solution which was a perfect fit for the requirements of the hotel.

The WIFI solution installed by SenSys Technology has increased coverage and reliability, removed the frustrating and cumbersome captive portal page and currently services 3000+ unique clients per month with an average monthly usage of 1.5 Terabytes. The system is constantly maintained through system updates which are seamlessly pushed to the access point.

Some of the other features that the Vienna Woods liked about the SenSys Cloud Managed Hotel WiFi system:

  • Cloud controlled solution, eliminating the requirement for an upfront capital expenditure for an on-premise expensive controlled
  • The system was professionally surveyed and would by professionally channel managed and coverage placement by SenSys Technology
  • The system would have the most professional splash pages, social media logins and the possibility of email capture
  • SenSys Technology would completely manage, pro-actively monitor and support the Wi-Fi network with an on-site SLA response agreement, ensuring the hotel director had peace of mind that his guests would have internet connectivity around the clock
  • The WiFi access points and network switches will be Hotel Grade
  • SenSys cloud-managed WiFi has been proven in many other hotels and business throughout Ireland
  • Three Year, advanced replacement warranty on access points

After all Wi-Fi in your hotel is now more important that breakfast, so to find out more about SenSys Technology Hotel WIFI solutions, please visit or contact us on 1800815683.



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